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Invata Engleza Fara Profesor In 21 De Zile.pdf [2022]

The user account will be frozen for 12 hours and the IP address which was used to access the account will be censored for 48 hours.Q: How to change the number of output nodes in a multiplexer to increase the input voltage? I want to use a 20 FET MOSFET multiplexer in the schematic shown below to handle a 12V, 220 mA output. The problem is the output current is too high for this multiplexer. How can I change this multiplexer to output a smaller current at a higher voltage? A: The npn BJT needs to be able to sink 12v at 60mA. If you put 1uF in parallel with the BJT base-emitter it would probably do the job. It would not do this because at this level of loading, the BJT acts like a much bigger diode.

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